Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Camp Anyone?

Bailey went to church camp this morning "bright and early" and I managed to get a couple of shots before my batteries went dead? The first one is about 20 minutes after eyes open, then Mallory said "come here brother and he was well as you can tell wanting to scream? The third on is with two of her friends Chloe and Tori and then finally a group shot of some of the boys!!!!!!!! IT's now 1:00 am almost and no phone call from Bailey today so HE must have made it!!!!! # more days to

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Hey Hey!

Hey its just us hanging out before church!!!!!!!! Come here

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Riley having fun in bath...

Riley loves loves to take a bath so here he is before and after the soap!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Clubhouse day!

Well as you can tell the kids have made a clubhouse, a picnic and dressed themselves today! Don't you just love days like this???

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mom and Mallory goofing around....

Mallory loves taking pictures so she insisted on taking this so I got her back when she was having another bad hair-day and as you can tell she wasn't

Here is Riley after his haircut..........

Well you cant tell but his hair looks really!

Are we having fun yet????

Well poor Bailey has had so many haircuts by now he was quite bored?? But when he saw the result he LOVED his hair....He is so grown!!!!


Today we went to get the boys hair cut....Little Riley sat right up there and did a great job!!!! He tensed up at those loud clippers but overall he did not get upset one bit!!!!!!


Is today Mother's Day? Well of course it is EVERYDAY is at my house....I just wanted to share what my two boys did for me this morning..Mallory is spending the nite with her friend so I just have the boys well this morning I awoke to 2 of the most wonderful little guys (bailey and Riley) who had made me breakfast and brought it to me on a nice big tray...what did they make you ask? Well only what "boys" would eat: cereal and a great big iced cookie!!!!!!!! What a nice way to start your day! I love love love those boys! P.S. I spared you a picture I mean it is only like 9:30 and my eyes could hardly comprehend what I was

Sunday, June 17, 2007

OH and here are some more....

Boy oh Boy are we going to sleep GOOD!

Ok more Swimming....

They just had to swim ONE last time today!

Swim Frogs!

What a great few days we have had swimming at the Pintaro's....they have been out of town and graciously let us use their pool. Thank you! SO we hung out with some friends and had lots of fun!!!!

Calling all Artist!!!!!!!!!!

Back in May of this year the kids had an Art Show at the church where they had been taking lessons alllllllll year...It was so great to see all the work they had done. They love their teacher and enjoyed being with their friends each week (Anthony and Makenzie) Sister Kim and I were pleased at how much they had been taught in this class. What a great year!

Baileys Birthday!

These pictures are from back in February when we had Bailey's 9th Birthday at the Oak Mountain Raceway....As you can tell the kids had a BLAST racing cars all afternoon...This was an awesome time with friends and we really liked having his party here.....

A Day with Mams & Paps

Friday we went and spent the day with my grandparents and boy did the kids have fun! We hung out with Mams while Paps worked on my never ending car situation??? She always likes for us to come over and she gets jealous because the kids always want to know 'when is paps gonna be in here to play with us?"

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Riley and Austin.....

Hey Hey! It's me Riley hangin out with Austin at Sam's...go figure!!!!!


The kids love putting new Bionicles together...Here is Mallory with hers and the other picture is the one's Bailey made...They wanted me to put these on

Kids at Mall

Here we are at the Mall hanging out!

Morning Mommie.....

Riley is so sweet he always talks to me while I am getting ready...He was saying "morning Mommie"...I love it!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Me, Kim and Bonnie

Well what can I say...Bonnie and I thought we were coming over for a visit and we ended up soaking wet from all the kids (and Kim) squirting us with water guns and buckets of water and Kim tried to get us in the pool but as you can see SHE is the only one that ended up in there....but we had a blast!!!!!!!

Gabe and Bailey....

How kewl they are....Gabriel had Bailey over for a swim...he loves Bailey...see even boys can be sweet....

Ok I am awake NOW!

Riley announces that he is AWAKE everybody...He always says "good morning" mommie....except he was at Kim's in this pic....she kept all 3 of my kids (she must have been half looney for offering) but what a blessing I sure needed the sleep!!!

Mallory being funny....

She must be having a BAD hair day...look at that face???? haha

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Riley brushing teeeeeeeeeeth!

Nite Nite everybody....I think my teeth are allllllllllll clean....