Friday, November 14, 2008


We are finally DONE! Well at least most of us...WE only had 3 clinicals left and "I" came down with an awful virus that my children had over the weekend so I had to miss one of the 3 days so I have a make-up day after Thanksgiving??? Bummer! But we are finished with our class and getting ready for our certification in December. I have already put tons of job applications in so keep me in prayer...Enjoy the pics of us, our class and our teacher Mrs. Thomas (who was just wonderful by the way!!!!) Now I am planning on getting a move on my RN so this is still a journey in the making! Praise God!

Homeschool Field Day!

We had a homeschool field day Thursday for our first 9 week meeting and it was a BLAST! We had all ages from little ones to teenagers. They all had so much fun doing tug of war, 3 leg races, soft ball throw, 50/100 yard dash, balloon and egg toss etc. etc...It turned out to be a warm day and we sure loved the hot dogs and desserts!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Off to Georgia we go! Birthday celebration #3

What a fun weekend! Brother Ted and Charlene took the kids and I to Georgia for my birthday to stay with her sister Debbie and her husband and son. We left Friday and went to their fall festival at Atlanta West UPC church and then Saturday we got up and went to Look-out Mountain (yes we climbed all the way to the TOP-pictures to come) and then we went to the park that night and cooked out! Sunday morning we got up and went to church at Atlanta West and then had a great lunch before heading back that afternoon! Sister Keith made me a delicious birthday cake that we took with us and lets just say it was a gone FAST! We really really had a wonderful time...I am so thankful for good friends!!!!!!!!

My Birthday!

Well I turned the big '40' as some people say? It was actually alot of fun! I think by the time it was all said and done I had like 3 parties! My new job gave me a cake and sang Happy Birthday (thanks Tee) and then we had a party at my house with some family and friends and then Charlene and Ted took us all to Georgia (see slide show above) to celebrate again! OHHH let me tell you what was so funny about the sister who does not drink coffee got me some in a bag that was 'whole bean' and she did not know that you had to grind it before you leave the store????? lol so we all had a huge laugh on that I have a whole bag of Starbucks with no way to grind it????

Riley turns the big '4' HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Riley had an awesome birthday October 25th...we had a few friends over to celebrate and needless to say 'the adults got into a cake fight' was too much fun! I think my sister has an evil bone somewhere since she just love love loves to start something when she is around??? lol My mother just thought she was going to escape without any 'cake' but my sister got her when she was about to leave! That was priceless...hehee!