Thursday, February 28, 2008

Riley and Hunters Birthday Party!

What a fun day we had! Riley turned "3" and his cousin Hunter turned "6" and we celebrated at Pump It Up in Trussville with tons of friends....I am not sure WHO had the most fun but I think hands down it goes to Sister Bedwell and Sister Pam??? They must have slid down that HUGE slide 50 times...But I thought you would enjoy all the cute pics!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Chinese Homeschool Day!

We had a very fun day this past week for our 9 weeks homeschool day. Our theme was China so we had lots of fun activities along with GREAT chinese food. All the kids dressed for the occasion and I thought I would share some of our cute photos...Enjoy!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Just having fun!

Here are some cute pics from months past...Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Alot going on...

Well I had a moment to write...sorry no pics at this time....Boy oh boy have we been busy as it is always with 3 little ones but all is well as they say! Praise the Lord!

Bailey is thriving with school and Karate. He goes up for his 3rd belt in two weeks right on the day he turns the BIG 10...February 23rd. What an awesome young man he is becoming. He is my right hand man for most things that need to be done.

Mallory is busy being quite the 'artist' her favorite new career (hehe) along with helping out with little brother...and just plain being a girl. She loves to help me cook and do BIG girl projects and she already seems to know what I need to do about

Riley welllllllll he is oh so very funny every single day...He loves to talk and explore everything. He is buy learning how to count past 10 and sing his ABC's allllllllll the time and all the great Sunday school songs he is learning. We are working on colors and writing with him already.

ME well I am still in school working on my next step towards my new career while still working at night, home-schooling the kids and several other jobs but keeping in mind that this is all TEMPORARY and one fine day all will be well in my life with some major slowdowns???? Keep me in prayer as my journey lessens....

We are in need of a car right now so keep that in prayer my little nisson is on its last leg if you know what I mean!!!!

Lord bless and I will work on posting some new pics soon...REALLY!!!!!