Friday, November 14, 2008


We are finally DONE! Well at least most of us...WE only had 3 clinicals left and "I" came down with an awful virus that my children had over the weekend so I had to miss one of the 3 days so I have a make-up day after Thanksgiving??? Bummer! But we are finished with our class and getting ready for our certification in December. I have already put tons of job applications in so keep me in prayer...Enjoy the pics of us, our class and our teacher Mrs. Thomas (who was just wonderful by the way!!!!) Now I am planning on getting a move on my RN so this is still a journey in the making! Praise God!


Alana Tschida said...

Ahhh! I look soo ugly!!!

But yea, we passed....WITH ALL A's BABY!!!!!!!!!!!

Melody said...

You girls are AWESOME! And I think you look great in all white!

Marla (little sis) said...

Congratulations! I am proud of all you have done and know the road has been hard...wish I was closer and could help!