Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Birthday!

Well I turned the big '40' as some people say? It was actually alot of fun! I think by the time it was all said and done I had like 3 parties! My new job gave me a cake and sang Happy Birthday (thanks Tee) and then we had a party at my house with some family and friends and then Charlene and Ted took us all to Georgia (see slide show above) to celebrate again! OHHH let me tell you what was so funny about the sister who does not drink coffee got me some in a bag that was 'whole bean' and she did not know that you had to grind it before you leave the store????? lol so we all had a huge laugh on that I have a whole bag of Starbucks with no way to grind it????


Melody said...

That is what I call celebrating!! 3, fun, fun. Who made that cake with the fruit on top? It looks incredible! Happy birthday! =)

Amber said...

I have a grinder!!! Bring it over when you come on Thursday! =) Happy late Birthday...I'd say you did a good job of celebrating!