Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lego Fun!

What fun we had at the Grand Opening of the Lego Store in the Galleria..The kids got to make HUGE blocks to add to the 8 foot Star Wars Character...they had a blast and then we went for Ice Cream and had a great little get away!


Lacie-n-Kadensmom said...

looks like lots of fun....I'm at work and was looking at the job postings. I don't see that one position I was telling you about in Special Care anymore, but there is a part time CA position listed for 5southeast which is the adolescent floor. It says benefit eligible (at least 20 hrs per week) but if you already have insurance through St Vincents they may work with you as far as just picking up extra shifts on your off week. Anyhoo just thought I would let you know.ttyl


Tina said...

UGHH I am so mad we missed this. I didn't find out about it till the next day!! Did ur kids get the free Vulcan lego? It will probably be a collectors items..my kids are definitely lego-maniacs! lol