Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tween Bible Study!!! and Riley too!

"Tweens" gotta love em...We started our new Bible Study this morning and it will last 365 days..The kids did an awesome job reading the devotions and opening the Word of God to explore yet more scriptures dealing with their lives today...It was such a rewarding time and it is all about TWEENS which is right up their alley! I am so excited to see where God is taking us on this new journey into young teenage survivors!!! You may think Riley is just coloring and writing numbers but when it was his turn to speak he asked...Mom? Can you hide under the covers and still talk to God? lolololol Needless to say we were about to roll in the floor but kept our composure and I answered...Riley, YOU can talk to God whenever and wherever you want and HE WILL LISTEN! AMEN!

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