Sunday, December 19, 2010

A New Journey....

I used to think I was not sure 'how' I got to this place in life and "where" I was going from here...but that has all changed in the last few years. I usually do not post much writing on my blog but am thinking more about SHARING the new journey I have found myself on in hopes to inspire others in various ways. The story itself is quite LOOOONG and I am sure bits and pieces of it will come out as I write, so it will be your job to figure that all out as we go and feel free to comment along the way!

First of all I "owe" everything that I have and have become to JESUS...that is a fact not a statement!!!! I am very thankful and appreciate all that is around me. For every valley and every trench I have found myself in or going through there has been much wisdom and for that alone I have gain.

There has been many of circumstance that has led to my present journey so I will sum up in short where I am today....

I am currently still homeschooling my 3 children and loving every moment of that and I have recently myself started college again to pursue my dream of becoming an RN to better the lives of my children and myself. I am about to transfer to a 4 year college nearby to continue working on my bachelors degree and am very excited to know that I am getting step by step closer to the reality of that dream. (updates to this journey and many others is my planned writing)

My children are on journeys as well. My older two children are becoming pre-teens and this is both a challenging and rewarding time in their lives. We are about to embark on a whole new world of music as they are going to learn to play thier first instruments (percussion and viola)...and we are thrilled at the prospect of what this will become. My youngest is learning many new and exciting feats and keeps us all laughing with his vivacious personality. I am both thankful and elated to be their mom. :)

Be ecouraged that this is but a season of life no matter where you find yourself...enjoy!!!

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Can you see me now? said...

Michelle, everytime I read your blog, I feel encouraged. Though you have your battles to face everyday, I always see a smile on you face and the hope you have in God. You may think you are just hanging by a thread sometimes but all I see is a woman who touches lives with her attitude and smile.

Love you very much,

Robin Brantley