Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Riley's Surgery

What a day....last week we found out on a routine dentist cleaning appointment that Riley had some teeth that needed pulled....So to make it easier on Riley??? (mind you it was NOT easy) they set him up for surgery at Childrens Hospital yesterday......and needless to say it was a very hard day! I think we all did ok UNTIL they got ready to take him back and as he crossed from me to the hand of the nurse to take him back for "anesthesia" he let out a BLOOD curdling SCREAM..."MAMA" and tried to bolt and run for me.....lets just say I "LOST IT" right after that....since I knew what was next and that was for them to TRY and get a mask over his mouth to put him to sleep...and that is exactly why they dont let you come back with them because not telling what they had to do to get that mask on him...so when it is all over and he comes back to his room with us and he awakens enough to tell me he is hurting still and the nurse comes to give him some pain meds...welllllllll he must have remembered her HOLDING him down and he went POSTAL...it took 3 of us holding him and trying to get LORITAB in his mouth and he spits it everywhere...very bitter stuff...but the story ends with his Aunt MIMI and I getting him home and fast asleep and I headed off to take a 2-part exam (who knows how that went??? lol) and all is well today......THANK YOU, JESUS!!! 

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